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UCT students

With Stay&Connect, UCT students can stay at UCT residences during vacation. Students can do so for academic reasons, e.g. for an extended term, but can also make use of this offer for personal stays.

What we offer:

  • Vacation accommodation at UCT residences – for academic and/or personal stays
  • Catered accommodation
  • Self-catering option available during summer vacation only

How to book:

See our dedicated page Bookings: Vacation accommodation for UCT students for details.

Where to stay

Designated residences available for students' vacation accommodation are selected per vacation and will be announced in due time before the upcoming vacation period. Catering is offered at the same residence or one close by. See below the dedicated residences for previous summer vacations.

Graça Machel Hall

Graça Machel Hall

Sleeps 1 Sleeps 2 Catered option Access-friendly Garden Venue

386 beds in total.
Modern complex with single rooms and partitioned double rooms. Venue for functions and parking for buses.
Lower Campus, Rondebosch

Graça Machel Hall - building
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Fuller Hall

Fuller Hall

Sleeps 1 Catered option Garden Venue

231 beds in total.
Single rooms in historic core of university campus. Venue for functions and parking for buses.
Upper Campus, Rondebosch

Fuller Hall - building
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